Why Detroit?

Financially Sound


We believe in Detroit and for good reason! Detroit is in the recovery phase of a classic “boom and bust” economic cycle. Detroit has gone through the cleansing action of bankruptcy. Detroit has successfully ousted corrupt political officials and replaced them with visionaries.

Our numbers work because we underwrite every loan with diligence, verification and an eye to the borrower as a whole person. We see people as more than just data on a credit report. We know that some of our borrowers would be rejected by these banks. However, we also know that a person’s FICO score does not tell the whole story. Our numbers work because the people of Detroit are a resilient hard working people.
Detroit is Attracting:
-Green Technology companies

-Major IT companies

-Biotech firms

-Education and Medical sectors

Metropolitan Detroit is home to the highest concentrations and quantities of commercial and industrial designers of all U.S. metropolitan regions. Detroit’s professional creative industry is the third largest private sector employer in the city, employing approximately 12,300 individuals. http://www.detroitcreativecorridorcenter.com